Due To Depression
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Due To Depression

Due To Depression

Many factors can contribute to the development of depression. It is usually not caused by a single event but by the collective consequence of multiple events, individual characteristics, and other long-term elements.

According to studies, persistent difficulties, such as being in an abusive relationship, prolonged unemployment, extended exposure to work-related stress, or long loneliness, lead to depression more often than in recent life events. However, current negative events or the combination of these events with other factors can trigger depression in individuals who are already on edge because of their characteristics or bad experiences.

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Some factors that can contribute to depression include the following:


Some people are at higher risk of suffering from depression because they tend to be perfectionists, worry a lot, lack self-worth, and are pessimistic or sensitive to criticism.

Family History

People with a family history of depression are at a higher risk of experiencing depression. However, having depression with a parent or close relative does not automatically make you depressed. There are still other personal factors and circumstances that can determine whether or not you will experience depression.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

This may or may not lead to depression. Many depressed people also struggle with drug and alcohol problems.

Serious Medical illness

Medical illnesses can directly cause depression or trigger it through stress and anxiety, especially if the condition requires chronic pain or long-term management.


Depression in biologically vulnerable people is often caused by personal conflicts or conflicts with family members or friends.

Certain Drugs

Some drugs, such as corticosteroids, the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and Accutane, can increase a person’s risk of depression.

Loss or Death

Extreme sadness or sadness over the death of a loved one can increase a person’s risk of becoming depressed.

Major Events

Graduation, getting a new job, or even getting married can trigger depression, So you can lose a job, move, retire, or get divorced. These events can be difficult for some people to handle, especially because they bring about big changes.

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Other Personal Problems

Depression can be caused by mental illnesses, social isolation, or being ostracized.

Although depression is very common, it is usually misdiagnosed or overlooked. However, leaving it untreated can lead to life-threatening conditions, especially given severe depression is associated with high suicide rates. Awareness and early diagnosis can help you get qualified help. Once you notice that you or a loved one shows signs of depression, seek help immediately.





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