Hope Hangover
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Hope Hangover: Know Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Measures

Hope Hangover: Know Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Measures

Rarely have you ever heard or thought of an expected hangover! It is said that life should not last long. We do a lot to make our lives better. Of course, there are certain expectations from our people.

I thought nothing would happen again or I had to lose my good job. When were you thinking of promotion but still unable to do it? Many of us do not get things according to our thinking. Many things in mind sometimes trouble us when we are not fulfilled.

Someone has rightly said that expecting causes a headache. In the age of social media, our expectations have increased a lot. It is said that the intoxication of hope is more dangerous than the intoxication of alcohol.

It is dangerous because the intoxication of alcohol goes away after some time, but the intoxication of expectations stays with them for a long time.

What is a Pregnant Hangover?

Christine Hasler, the author of ‘Expectation Hangover: Over Disappearance in Work, Love and Life’, describes the expectation hangover in her book. This book also talks about how to get rid of the hangover problem.

The hangover of hope can be faced when we think deeply about something, and our attachment to it increases. High expectations also become a cause of misery.

So at times, even when the expectations are fulfilled as per your plans and desires, you may feel your expectation unfulfilled.

  • Hustler says that it is not wrong to have expectations, but letting those expectations overwhelm you can cause misery. Don’t let anything dominate you. ,
  • Sometimes a hangover of hope is good because it helps you learn and understand many new things.
  • Spiritual gurus say that ‘when we live on expectations, our misery increases. When we learn to accept things, the suffering begins to subside. ,
  • Think for yourself once. If all your expectations are fulfilled, then you will feel proud. You will not be able to learn anything new and become narrow-minded.

What are the Types of Expectation Hangovers?

Most People Can Expect Three Types of Hangovers:

1.) Situational Expectation Hangover

Situation Expectation Hangover means when we do not get the desired result of some work, it is called Situation Expectation Hangover. Its problem can often be seen in parents. For example, do not bring good results for the child even after expensive fees or tuition.

Parents often feel that if they pay expensive fees to teach their children, their children will be much faster at reading than other children.

2.) Mutual Expectation Hangover

Interpersonal expectation hangover refers to a mutual expectation hangover caused by a sudden surprise from another. Some people may incorporate other people into their expectations.

In everyday language, we can also say that to expect something from someone. However, the one we have expected may or may not know anything about this expectation.

3.) Self-imposed Expectation Hangover

Self-inflicted expectation hangover means when we set a goal or target and do not act according to it, it can be called a self-imposed expectation hangover. For example, there is no success in working hard for a job or passing an exam. Due to this, most of the students also commit suicide.

How to Prevent Expectancy Hangover?

There are many ways to prevent an expected hangover, but these must be considered.

1.) Find out the cause of the hangover

If you want to avoid the problem, then first find its root, i.e. the reasons for its occurrence. You can also compare the three situations mentioned above to find the reasons. Once you know the reason, a loved one can quickly get you out of this problem.

2.) Talk About It

Although you should not share your problems with everyone, if they are shared with some close and trusted people, their solutions can be easily solved.

If you are also troubled by the problem of a hangover, then talk to your near or dear one about this problem as soon as you find out the reason for it.

But, keep in mind that while sharing your problem with him, do not expect him to solve your problem 100% with his help.

3.) Don’t Get Discouraged When Expectations Are Met

This is one of the best ways to avoid the expected hangover. Keep in mind that all our expectations cannot be fulfilled at once, or we cannot get success in any work by trying at once.

So if any of your expectations don’t come true, then don’t get disappointed or lose that hope. Instead, try to fulfil that expectation again with full courage and hard work. Also, review your expectations once before trying a second time.

The above advice does not provide any therapy. Please consult your doctor for more information regarding this.





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