What is the fear of failure
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What is the fear of failure?

What is the fear of failure?

What you fear the most is not that powerful at all. Rather, it is your fear that makes him stronger. Oprah Winfrey has said this: if you want to take inspiration from someone to overcome your fear of failure, then Oprah Winfrey’s advice is right.

He faced many failures and violence in his life but never let the fear of failure overwhelm him. Leaving all this behind, she became a successful actress and social worker. You, too, can climb the ladder of success by overcoming your fear of failure. Learn the ways to overcome the loss in this article.

What is the fear of failure?

You are losing or failing before doing anything or doing anything. Because of this fear, you try to avoid doing that work and eliminate the possibility of success.

When you fear failure, you start suffering from mental and physical health. This causes many physical and mental symptoms to appear. to like-

Fear of failure and its physical symptoms

What are the symptoms of a panic attack?

  • Sudden panic

  • Sweating profusely

  • Shake hands

  • Feeling short of breath

  • Dry throat

  • Vomiting

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Dizzy

  • Fast heartbeat

  • The dark feeling before the eyes

  • Dizziness while sitting

  • High blood pressure

  • Chest pain and discomfort

  • Scared of small things

These psychotic symptoms may appear in a person who is afraid of failure are as follows:-

  • Running away from fear

  • Keep worrying

  • Feeling weak in fear

  • Lose control of the situation

  • Afraid to die

  • Go into depression

  • Get away from yourself

When you are afraid of failure, you do not necessarily have to face these symptoms. It may also happen that you do not experience any of these symptoms instead of experiencing another.

Also, you face more than one of the above signs. Let me tell you, and these signs can also happen for any other reason. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a doctor and get proper information.

Why is there a fear of failure?

Fear of failure can have many psychological and social causes. Let’s talk about these reasons.

Childhood Fear Of Failure

Many times we are afraid of failure because of childhood. Some children are put so much pressure in childhood to succeed or get good marks, and they are given the fear of punishment, this fear remains in their mind even after growing up, and their brain develops similarly. They also worry more about the pitfalls of failure as they get older.

Fear of failure due to perfection

Some people are perfect in many things, and after a while, they want to remain perfect. But, this perfection makes them mentally weak and a victim of failure.

They feel that now if doing something makes me a failure, my perfect image has been created in society, and it will be destroyed, and under pressure to maintain this image, they fear failure.

Fear of failure due to arrogance

In some people, ego destroys everything, such as happiness, respect, friendship, relationships, and the future. With this ego, they have to face the fear of failure. They don’t want to lose anyone or anything because of their ego.

They forget that success and failure are two results of the effort, equal and temporary. This is the reason why he worries a lot before trying anything new.

Fear of failure due to overconfidence or lack of confidence

Some people have high self-confidence, which is called overconfidence, and because of this, they feel that they should get successful. But, when the situation starts getting out of their hands or their downtime, they fear failure.

In the same way, some people have very low confidence and feel that they cannot fail in anything, and after falling into another thing, they will be worse off in society.

Ways to overcome the fear of failure

You can take the help of some tips or methods to overcome the fear of failure. This will help you to overcome this fear, and you will also try something new in your life and achieve success.

Failure fears to take the help of a psychiatrist. A psychotherapist can help you overcome or resolve your anxiety by knowing its reasons.

And you can also take the help of some medicines to cure anxiety and depression from the fear of failure. However, you should consult a doctor about this.

Lifestyle, you can eliminate the mental problems caused by the fear of failure. Exercising by doing yoga improves blood flow in your body, which gives enough oxygen to the brain cells and keeps your mood happy.

Some Other Tips

First of all, know what your goal is. After learning the purpose and understanding its importance in your life, the fear of failure will lessen, and you will be able to try your best.

Accept your fear. Don’t think that fear is a bad thing or a weakness. Everyone is afraid of something, and that is normal. Talk openly about this and ask for help. Everyone feels fear, but overcoming fear is the only power.

Also, think positively to overcome the fear of failure. Positive thinking will help you overcome your fears and achieve success. You will be able to try better and be happy.





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