Causes and Treatment of Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

Causes and Treatment of Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

Causes and Treatment of Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

After becoming a mother, the responsibilities of a woman increase; people think that after becoming a mother, a woman gets real happiness. It happens.

But, if we tell you that many women go into depression after becoming a mother, then perhaps you will be surprised.

Yes, many women get the baby blues and postpartum depression after pregnancy. At the same time, another type of mental condition starts appearing in women within three to ten days, called baby blues.

Today in this article, we will talk about postpartum depression after delivery. You will find out why this happens and how it can be treated. Along with this, we will also know whether post-delivery baby blues and depression are the same or if there is a difference between the two. Let us know about these two problems in detail.

Are Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression The Same?

Dr Yadav of the hospital said, “Baby blues and postpartum depression are not the same things. People often think of these two as the same mental illness. But, both have different mental states. It is called a state.

Baby blues include mood swings, sadness, anxiety about handling a baby, irritability, etc., in a woman. At the same time, baby blues later progress to postpartum depression. Such as baby blues, mood swings, urge to cry, loss of appetite and sleep, suicidal thoughts etc.

What are the Symptoms of Baby Blues?

Between 20 and 80 per cent of women complain of baby blues. It is good if the mother is treated on time by recognizing her symptoms. The cause of baby blues is the hormonal changes that occur soon after delivery. The mother has mood swings due to rapid hormonal changes.

In a few moments, sadness overwhelms me with happiness. Be proud of yourself and start cursing after a moment.

  • Stop taking care of yourself.
  • Feeling anxious, tired and irritable.

What are the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression After Delivery?

The baby blues later take the form of postpartum depression, followed by depression. Its symptoms are more dangerous than the baby blues. Below we are telling you some symptoms of depression after delivery:

  • Woman feels sad, hopeless, lonely. Because of this, she often starts crying.
  • The woman feels that she is not a good mother.
  • The woman feels that she is not feeling connected with the child.
  • The woman neither eats nor sleeps because of apathy. Also, she does not take care of her child.
  • A woman can also have a panic attack. Apart from this, thoughts like suicide also come to his mind.

How To Cure Baby Blues?

Timely treatment is essential for baby blues not to become a significant problem. Below we are telling you some ways to cure the baby blues, which a single mother can do on her own:

  • The mother does the first treatment for baby blues. The mother should try to feel better than herself.
  • When the child sleeps, the mother should also complete her sleep. With the completion of sleep, the mother can control her emotions.
  • Give the right food to the mother thoroughly. Good food will also help her come out of the baby blues.
  • Mother should go for a walk. Exercise should be done in the fresh air. Doing this will please the mother.
  • Help of others should be taken in case of trouble. At such times one can feel better with others.
  • Get maximum rest and take care of yourself and your baby.

How To Treat Postpartum Depression After Delivery?

Dr. said that hormonal changes cause post-delivery depression. Hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone change in the mother’s body after delivery.

This directly affects the behaviour of the mother. Apart from this, the lack of desire to have a son is also a reason for depression.

  • A woman suffering from postpartum depression should talk openly with her family.
  • If the mother feels depressed, she must go to her doctor.
  • Postpartum depression is frightening, so when the mother visits the doctor, the doctor gives the patient medications to control the hormones. Apart from this, patient counselling is also done.

India Lacks Awareness

There is a lack of awareness in India about baby blues and postpartum depression. Dr. said, “Soon after delivery, when a woman suffers from the baby blues or postpartum depression, people tend to think there is a ghost affair.

In such a situation, people prefer to go to the local doctor instead of coming to the allopathic doctor. By taking the help of tantra-mantra, ignorance makes the woman’s condition even direr.

The proper cure for baby blues and post-delivery depression is awareness. When pregnant, a woman should be told about her symptoms. By doing this, the woman can understand this after delivery and can do her treatment.





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