• Importance of Solitude

    Importance of Solitude

    Importance of Solitude Although solitude and solitude are used interchangeably in many places, Remember that it is essential to understand which of these words is used in which context and in what sense. Solitude here does not mean ‘being alone’ or alone without meaning. Privacy is much better than loneliness. Consistency and meaningful company are more than solitude. Let us First Understand The Difference Between solitude and Loneliness: Words like time pass, boring, leisure, peace will come, and words like peace will come. likely, malice, running away, abandonment, avoiding duty, doodle, cowardice, willing, gallantry, disobedience. Any need for TV, sports, games, newspaper, magazine reading, sleep, entertainment, vain craving for fun,…

  • 12 Ways To Always Be Positive In Life

    12 Ways To Always Be Positive In Life

    12 Ways To Always Be Positive In Life Friends, it is essential to always be positive in our life because bad times are bound to come in this rush of energy. Whether you want it or not, bad times do come. That’s why it is essential that you keep yourself away from bad times and always stay positive to fight them. 1- Simple Living, High Thoughts: To stay positive, you must follow the “Simple Living – High Thought principle.” Mahatma Gandhi adopted this principle. People who lead a simple life are always happy and always feel positive. 2- Look At The Man Younger Than You: Sometimes we are living a…

  • 10 Mistakes of Unsuccessful People

    10 Mistakes of Unsuccessful People

    10 Mistakes of Unsuccessful People Before counting the reasons for failure, it is better if we understand the definition of success; Here, we are talking about realizing business work or planning to do something good. Success is the successful completion of an idea or plan. By the way, it isn’t easy to understand the definitions and parameters of success because every person creates them in their way. Currently, we discuss the ten major mistakes that unsuccessful people make; it is necessary to mention them so that others do not repeat them. 10 Mistakes of Unsuccessful People 1.) Not Taking Initiative: Most people don’t take the initiative, some look for the…